Although not heavily commented, we hope the source code itself should provide some insight into how things work.

The simple client

The simple client is our console based multi-OS proof of concept client.

Available commands:

list [num]              List stored playlists
rename [num] [string]   Rename playlist
collab [num]            Toggle playlist collaboration

search [string]         Search for [string] or get next 100 results
artist [num]            Show information about artist for track [num]
album [num]             List album for track [num]
uri [string]            Display info about Spotify URI
portrait [num]          Save artist portrait to portrait.jpg

play [num]              Play track [num] in the last viewed list
playalbum [num]         Play album for track [num]
stop, pause, resume     Control playback

info                    Details about your account and current connection
help                    This text
quit                    Quit

> list 
 1: I <3 techno in the morning                58   christ0ph
 2: Electrogirls                              13   nshearing
 3: Binary Beats                              36   vengo

> list 2
  1: Crimewave (Crystal Castles vs. Health)    4:18 Crystal Castles 
  2: Paris Is Burning                          3:47 Ladyhawke 
  3: Stuck On Repeat                           3:19 Little Boots 
  4: Little Bit                                4:33 Lykke Li 
 [ .. snip .. ]

> search foo

Artists found (9):
 Foo Fighters
 Kung Foo
 [ .. snip .. ]

Albums found (4):
 Foo Foo
 Foo Fighters
 [ .. snip .. ]

Tracks found (100/195):
  1: This Is a Call                            3:53 Foo Fighters 
  2: Big Me                                    2:12 Foo Fighters 
 [ .. snip .. ]

Supported commands

The despotify Gateway

The gateway was implemented to support a HTTP REST API. The idea is to have the gateway running in the background and keep logged in sessions to Spotify alive. The frontend (HTTP) part can easily be implemented by making your favorite web scripting language talk to the backend over a socket.

Supported commands

Interaction with the gateway

The gateway uses a text-based protocol to ease testing and integration with other software.

The output format looks like this:
<HTTP-style error code> <payload length> <OK/WARN/ERROR> <description>\n
[eventual payload data, as long as "payload length" says]

Here's an example.

this is going to fail
501 0 WARN Invalid command 'this is going to fail'
login foouser barpassword
200 0 OK Login successful
200 2 OK Assigned country below


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